Estonian Search Dogs Club

IPO-R Estonian Championships and IPO-R Competition results


Time: 23.-24.04.2016
Categories: IPO-R RH-FL E, A and B (area search)
Place: Harku Parish, Harju County, Estonia
Obedience and dexterity field: Police and Boarder Guard Colledge Dog Training Centre field in Muraste
Judge: Marko Bručan (Slovenia)
Organizer: Estonian Search Dogs Club
Head organizer: Maire Õunmaa

First time Estonian Championships were held in RH-FL B level, jointly organized with EKL-KKK (Estonian Kennel Union Dog Training Coordination Unit). The dogs who were competing for the IPO-R Estonian Champion 2016 title had to be recorded in EST-register and have at least RH-FL A level result.

Estonian IPO-R Masters 2016 are dutch shepherd Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern and dog handler Margot Luukas!

Photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R Championships 2016 RESULTS 

Dog Breed Dog handler A B Points Grade Result Place

Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern

HOL Margot Luukas 182 94 276 very good RH-FL B 1
Margman Niten GSD Piret Koor 189 77 266 good RH-FL B 2
Perfect Diamond Shadow Dog IWRS Kris Heinsoo 187 79 266 good RH-FL B 3
Margman Wildfire Wanda GSD Monika Rusing 176 90 266 good RH-FL B 4
White Gold Dream Alfix WSS Margot Luukas 170 82 252 good RH-FL B 5

Rewarding ceremony of the Estonian Championships photo by Mihkel Rikas


Dog Breed Dog handler A B Points Grade Result Place
Sacraal Hart Leska MAL Teus Tijsseling 193 94 287 excellent RH-FL A 1
Norbon Hill Bell Olive Nuare LAB Aili Kivinurm 178 56   unsatis-factory    
Margman Nacre GSD Reet Nipper 108 48   unsatis-factory    
Blaze Cobra MAL Liia Rikkinen 181 92 273 very good RH-FL B 1
Donnan Call Me Bessie NSR Matleena Kujala 141 12   unsatis-factory    
Fredi MIX Marika Reinol 89 90 179 good RH-FL E 1
Margman Acapella GSD Piret Koor 84 95 179 good RH-FL E 2

IPO-R RH-FL A rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R RH-FL B rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R RH-FL E rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

9-2016-04-24 19.09.05

Big congratulations to all participants, big thanks to the judge, organizers and helpers!

More photos can be found from Mihkel's gallery in FB under this link!