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World Championships for Rescue Dogs in Turin, Italy

21-25 September 2016 an IRO World Championships for Rescue Dogs were held in Italy near Turin. 114 dog teams from 23 countries were competing in three disciplines: area search, rubble search and tracking. Two dog teams from Estonia started both in area search. Kadri Viljalo with dog Perri under start number 102 made great results in area search with 188 points (all three victims found) and 95 points in obedience and dexterity. Margot Luukas with dutch shepherd dog Roosi (Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern) under start number 108 got 91 points in area search (one located victim) and 96 points in obedience and dexterity. In total Kadri and Perri got in area search 283 points and note "very good" and high 5th place out of 48 teams! Our second team did not get result because they didn't find all victims in search part.

Congratulations to Kadri and Perri for such a great result in the World Championships of the Rescue Dogs! This is a very first time when a dog team from Estonia has got a positive result from Rescue Dog's WCH and high place in TOP5!


Opening ceremony of the WCH

Kadri & Perri - area search 5th place

All results can be found from the website of the competition - IRO WCH.

Results of the Int.IRO Testing Event 10-11.09.2016 in Läänemaa

10-11 September 2016 an International IRO Testing Event was held in tracking and area search at Linnamäe in Läänemaa. Test was arranged by Estonian Rescue Dog Union and the judge was Mrs Resi Gerritsen from Holland.

9 teams started from our club, 3 of them in tracking and 6 teams in area search. The results were following:

Dog's name Breed Handler A B Total Note Result
Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern HOLLS Margot Luukas 170 88 258 G RH-F A
Perri MIX Kadri Viljalo 165 96 261 G RH-F B
Margman Wildfire Wanda GSD Monika Rusing 20 78 - US -
Margman Acapella GSD Piret Koor 93 99 192 E RH-FL E
Margman Hexe GSD Ingrid Kõrgesaar-Lillmets 186 71 257 G RH-FL A
Sophie for Dolbia Sykstus LAB Marilis Saul 164 71 235 S RH-FL A
Fredi MIX Marika Reinol 15 81 - US -
Zottelbart von Hetzeldorf Conri SSN Liina Ulm - - - DSQ -
Perfect Diamond Shadow Dog IRW Kris Heinsoo 191 81 272 VG RH-FL B

Photos by Mihkel Rikas 

Congratulations for such a great results! Some more pictures can be seen here!

Int. IPO-R Rubble Competition in Sweden

On 7 and 8 May 2016, in Sweden Lidköping, at the International IPO-R competition in rubble search Kadri Viljalo and Perri achieved a result RH-T B with 288 points and grade "excellent", which ensured in a tight competition the 3rd place! The judge was Leif Sundberg from Sweden. Congratulations for the excellent performance!

All results of the competition can be found here!

Pictures about the competition are here!

Photos by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R Estonian Championships and IPO-R Competition results


Time: 23.-24.04.2016
Categories: IPO-R RH-FL E, A and B (area search)
Place: Harku Parish, Harju County, Estonia
Obedience and dexterity field: Police and Boarder Guard Colledge Dog Training Centre field in Muraste
Judge: Marko Bručan (Slovenia)
Organizer: Estonian Search Dogs Club
Head organizer: Maire Õunmaa

First time Estonian Championships were held in RH-FL B level, jointly organized with EKL-KKK (Estonian Kennel Union Dog Training Coordination Unit). The dogs who were competing for the IPO-R Estonian Champion 2016 title had to be recorded in EST-register and have at least RH-FL A level result.

Estonian IPO-R Masters 2016 are dutch shepherd Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern and dog handler Margot Luukas!

Photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R Championships 2016 RESULTS 

Dog Breed Dog handler A B Points Grade Result Place

Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern

HOL Margot Luukas 182 94 276 very good RH-FL B 1
Margman Niten GSD Piret Koor 189 77 266 good RH-FL B 2
Perfect Diamond Shadow Dog IWRS Kris Heinsoo 187 79 266 good RH-FL B 3
Margman Wildfire Wanda GSD Monika Rusing 176 90 266 good RH-FL B 4
White Gold Dream Alfix WSS Margot Luukas 170 82 252 good RH-FL B 5

Rewarding ceremony of the Estonian Championships photo by Mihkel Rikas


Dog Breed Dog handler A B Points Grade Result Place
Sacraal Hart Leska MAL Teus Tijsseling 193 94 287 excellent RH-FL A 1
Norbon Hill Bell Olive Nuare LAB Aili Kivinurm 178 56   unsatis-factory    
Margman Nacre GSD Reet Nipper 108 48   unsatis-factory    
Blaze Cobra MAL Liia Rikkinen 181 92 273 very good RH-FL B 1
Donnan Call Me Bessie NSR Matleena Kujala 141 12   unsatis-factory    
Fredi MIX Marika Reinol 89 90 179 good RH-FL E 1
Margman Acapella GSD Piret Koor 84 95 179 good RH-FL E 2

IPO-R RH-FL A rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R RH-FL B rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R RH-FL E rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

9-2016-04-24 19.09.05

Big congratulations to all participants, big thanks to the judge, organizers and helpers!

More photos can be found from Mihkel's gallery in FB under this link!