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BH test results 05.09.2016

BH test - a companion dog test

Time: 5.9.2016 at 18.00

Place: Harjumaa, Niitvälja (obedience), Keila Rõõmu supermarket parking lot (city part)

Judge: Urve Lageda

Organizer club: Eesti Otsingukoerte Klubi

Head organizer: Monika Rusing

Photo by Margot Luukas


1. Bella Solo Rigoletto & Ingrid Roopärg - BH passed       
2. Ridon Hennet Tuulest Viidud & Ülle Kuriks - not passed          

3. Herr Ranger Ani & Bronislav Škaperin - BH passed    
4. Juger Edelweiss Nochnoy Forsazh & Julia Knut - BH passed 

5. Fredi & Marika Reinol - BH passed        
6. La Roche v. Elberfeld & Andrei Hramtsov - BH passed

7. Margman Tabata & Marelle Muru - BH passed   
8. Ramiro von Aducht & Aleksander Kuzin - BH passed   

9. Leek Demon Marendeila & Marelle Papli - BH passed  
10.Sunntoya's Cassandra & Jaanika Aruaas - didn't participate  

11.Juger Edelweiss Nenagljadnaya Moya & Julia Knut  - BH passed       
12.Euphoria Kircholm Blum & Kadi Ebras - BH passed

Congratulations who passed the test!

BH test results 29.06.2016

BH test - a companion dog test

Time: 29th June 2016 at 18.00

Place: Harjumaa, Keila

Obedience field: Ipson training field, Keila

City test: Rõõmu Supermarket parking site, Keila

Judge: Urve Lageda

Organizer: Estonian Search Dogs Club

Head organizer: Monika Rusing, 55512 430, e-post This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TIMeTABLThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lül

Photo Margot Luukas


1             Aronchupa Angel Amour Muse Sav San & Maire 
               Õunmaa - BH passed        
2             Heleros Tex Tiger & Einar Hansing - BH passed        
3             Sculpadog Ahora Mismo & Teus Tijsseling -
               BH passed        
4             Imzedrifts Fiona & Merike Kungla - BH passed          
5             Toberoi Etna & Leelet Kivioja - BH passed   
6             Cattlepark’s Hellcat & Karin Lassmann - BH passed 
7             Tallivahdin Intensiv & Andres Palk - BH passed          
8             Mainspring Teddy & Kaire Lang -
               BH passed                             
9             Saturain Quantum of Solace ja Katrin Laaniste -
               BH passed 
10           Margman Xairos-Cato ja Ilona Soots - BH passed       
11           Erin Debbie-Ann & Kai Turgulainen - BH passed
12           Iznogood Hit N Heel & Ove Laars - BH passed
13           Kati ja Pille Ambur - failed         
14           Rogerweik Christmas Tree ja Ülle Kalda - failed

Some photos can be found here!

Congratulations to all who passed the test and many thanks to our judge!

Int. IPO-R Rubble Competition in Sweden

On 7 and 8 May 2016, in Sweden Lidköping, at the International IPO-R competition in rubble search Kadri Viljalo and Perri achieved a result RH-T B with 288 points and grade "excellent", which ensured in a tight competition the 3rd place! The judge was Leif Sundberg from Sweden. Congratulations for the excellent performance!

All results of the competition can be found here!

Pictures about the competition are here!

Photos by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R Estonian Championships and IPO-R Competition results


Time: 23.-24.04.2016
Categories: IPO-R RH-FL E, A and B (area search)
Place: Harku Parish, Harju County, Estonia
Obedience and dexterity field: Police and Boarder Guard Colledge Dog Training Centre field in Muraste
Judge: Marko Bručan (Slovenia)
Organizer: Estonian Search Dogs Club
Head organizer: Maire Õunmaa

First time Estonian Championships were held in RH-FL B level, jointly organized with EKL-KKK (Estonian Kennel Union Dog Training Coordination Unit). The dogs who were competing for the IPO-R Estonian Champion 2016 title had to be recorded in EST-register and have at least RH-FL A level result.

Estonian IPO-R Masters 2016 are dutch shepherd Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern and dog handler Margot Luukas!

Photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R Championships 2016 RESULTS 

Dog Breed Dog handler A B Points Grade Result Place

Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern

HOL Margot Luukas 182 94 276 very good RH-FL B 1
Margman Niten GSD Piret Koor 189 77 266 good RH-FL B 2
Perfect Diamond Shadow Dog IWRS Kris Heinsoo 187 79 266 good RH-FL B 3
Margman Wildfire Wanda GSD Monika Rusing 176 90 266 good RH-FL B 4
White Gold Dream Alfix WSS Margot Luukas 170 82 252 good RH-FL B 5

Rewarding ceremony of the Estonian Championships photo by Mihkel Rikas


Dog Breed Dog handler A B Points Grade Result Place
Sacraal Hart Leska MAL Teus Tijsseling 193 94 287 excellent RH-FL A 1
Norbon Hill Bell Olive Nuare LAB Aili Kivinurm 178 56   unsatis-factory    
Margman Nacre GSD Reet Nipper 108 48   unsatis-factory    
Blaze Cobra MAL Liia Rikkinen 181 92 273 very good RH-FL B 1
Donnan Call Me Bessie NSR Matleena Kujala 141 12   unsatis-factory    
Fredi MIX Marika Reinol 89 90 179 good RH-FL E 1
Margman Acapella GSD Piret Koor 84 95 179 good RH-FL E 2

IPO-R RH-FL A rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R RH-FL B rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R RH-FL E rewarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

9-2016-04-24 19.09.05

Big congratulations to all participants, big thanks to the judge, organizers and helpers!

More photos can be found from Mihkel's gallery in FB under this link!

Area search training days were held

On the 27nd of March and 2nd of April the training days to the search and rescue dog teams dedicated to area search were held at Vääna in Harju county. The trainer was a Dutch dog trainer Teus Tijsseling. During the days 12 dog teams participated.

Pictures on the training days can be hound here: 1st day, 2nd day, author Merike Võsu

The content and purpose of the training days:

  • Components of the successful search work: carrying out a search task, scent work and alerting;
  • Practical exercises to introduce new training methods and solutions that fits dog-handler combination;
  • Motivational training for the dog;
  • Dog teams will get an individual feedback about the strengths and the sides to be improved, as well about possible bottlenecks and setting up further training objectives.

Photo by Merike Võsu

IEC Classification Exercise on 3-5 of November 2015

On the 3-5 of November 2015 our dog handlers with SAR dogs participated INSARAG External Classification 36-hour exercise together with 40-membered Estonian Disaster Relief Team (EST-USAR). After passing the exercise successfully EST-USAR is internationally recognised as a INSARAG Medium USAR Team!

More information is available on the webpage of Estonian Rescue Board and their FB account

Photos by Margot Luukas