Int.IRO Testing Event IPO-R RH-F & RH-FL 24.-25.08.2019

Time:                                  24.-25.08.2019

Trial classes:                      IPO-R RH-F V, A ja B (tracking)    

                                           IPO-R RH-FL V, A ja B (area search)

Place:                                Viimsi, Harju County, Estonia


Pavel Sabacky (CZ):        IPO-R RH-FL V and A area

                                         RH-F V, A, B trace

                                         RH-FL ja RH-F V obedience

Resi Gerritsen (NL):         IPO-R RH-FL B area

                                         RH-FL ja RH-F A and B obedience

Organizer club:                 Estonian Search Dogs Club

Head organizer:                Triin Raag

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for entries: 19.07.2019 Registration completed!


24th August
08.00 – 10.00   RH-F V (3) ja B (1) tracks
10.40 – 13.00   RH-FL V (7) area search
14.00 – 18.00   RH-FL V (11) ja RH-F V (3) obedience and dexterity
08.00 – 18.00   RH-FL B (11) area search

25th August
08.00 – 10.00   RH-F A (4) tracks
10.40 – 12.00   RH-FL V (4) area search
13.00 – 16.00   RH-FL A (7) area search
08.15 – 10.00   RH-FL A (7) obedience and dexterity
10.15 – 14.15   RH-FL B (11), RH-F B (1) obedience and dexterity
14.15 – 15.15   RH-F A (7) obedience and dexterity
16.00           Closing ceremony

A detailed schedule of a competition that will take place from 24. August to 25. August, can be downloaded here! Please note that changes might appear in the schedule!

Please have your dogs veterinary passport and scorebook with you.

Veterinarian will be on site on Saturday 24th of August 11.00-13.00. Anti-Echinococcus tratment cost is 10 Euros per dog.


Tracks meeting point and and time:

24. August at 7.20am in front of Grossi shop in Loo. Adress Saha tee 9, Loo, 74201 Harju maakond

25. August at 7.30am in front of Grossi shop in Loo. Adress Saha tee 9, Loo, 74201 Harju maakond

Registration and the order of the tracks performance (RH-F A) will take place at the first meeting area.

Area search meeting point and and time:

24. August at 7.30 class B and at 10.30 class V meeting point

25. August at 10.30 class V and at 12.30 class A meeting point

Obedience arena: Viimsi Koera treeningplats Link:

Obedience arena practice: 23. August from 19.00 (7pm). Using treates on the obstacles is forbidden!

Vaccination requirements:

All dogs should be vaccinated acoording to the vaccination requirements of Estonian Kennel Union and IRO requirementsIRO vet.confirmation should be included to your registration.

NB! Estonian special requirement for vaccination against rabies: A dog shall be vaccinated against rabies with no lesser frequency than once in every 24 months since the last vaccination. If the term of revaccination has passed, at least 30 day must have passed since a new vaccination before the dog is allowed to participate in competitions.

The main sponsor of the event is Optimer OÜ!