Estonian Search Dogs Club

IRO TEST 2020 - tulemused lisatud/ results enclosed!

Rahvusvahelised IRO päästekoerte katsed / International IRO Testing Event for Rescue Dogs

Asukoht ja aeg /Test location and date: Harju County, Estonia, 28.-30. August 2020

Kohtunik/ Judge:

Detlef Kühn DE

Osalemisklassid / Test levels: IPO-R RH-F V, A, B; RH-FL V, A, B; RH-T V, A

Korraldaja / Organizer: Estonian Search Dogs Club - Õie Soovik


Koera nimi Tõug Koerajuht A B Kokku Hinne Tulemus Koht
RH-F V jälg/ tracking
Jamosch Guard SLK Satu Jore 93 97 190 VH RH-F V 1
Margman Luminosa SLK Monika Rusing 85 89 174 H RH-F V 2
Rajahiilen Vihuri BC Ritva Holmström 80 91 171 H RH-F V 3
Sweeti-Pie Summertime ISS Sari Halonen 56 16  - MR  -  -
RH-F B jälg/ tracking
Blaze Cobra MAL Liia Rikkinen 193 82 275 VH RH-F B 1
Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern HLK Margot Luukas 182 84 266 H RH-F B 2
RH-FL V maa-ala/ area search
Jepax Nora HLK Margot Luukas 93 90 183 VH RH-FL V 1
Allsaare Freki SLK Katrin Vellesalu 85 84 169 H RH-FL V 2
RH-FL A maa-ala/ area search
Margman Viksik SLK Marii Pikkoja 180 82 262 H RH-FL A 1
Margman Virsik SLK Liis Kraut 159 88 247 H RH-FL A 2
RH-FL B maa-ala/ area search
Margman Acapella SLK Piret Koor 188 82 270 VH RH-FL B 1
Jamosch Guard SLK Satu Jore 180 90 270 VH RH-FL B 2
Noseworks Ukko LAB Kirsi Myöhänen 176 93 269 H RH-FL B 3
Icepeak Prider's Ranger BC Mari Tobias 182 83 265 H RH-FL B 4
Rajahiilen Vihuri BC Ritva Holmström 173 85 258 H RH-FL B 5
Margman Leona SLK Marelle Linde 83 84  - MR  -  -
Helkyn Mesimarja LAB Anna-Mari Matikainen 66 81  - MR  -  -
Saturain Quantum of Solace SSN Katrin Laaniste         DSQ  
RH-T V varing/ rubble search
Noseworks Ahti LAB Krista Forsblom 95 91 186 VH RH-T V 1
Noseworks Ove LAB Salla Pohjola 86 89 175 H RH-T V 2
Active Asics Adelheid NSR Ingrid Eha 72 90 162 H RH-T V 3
Schwarze Libelle Agatha SLK Maire Õunmaa 70 87 157 R RH-T V 4
Sweetie-Pie Summertime ISS Sari Halonen 75 47  - MR  -  -
Pretty Flower's Storytime IKS Jenni Ruutiainen 20 70  - MR  -  -
RH-T A varing/ rubble search
Margman Acapella SLK Piret Koor 177 86 263 H RH-T A 1
Margman Luminosa SLK Monika Rusing 170 84 254 H RH-T A 2
Margman Leona SLK Marelle Linde 152 85 237 R RH-T A 3
Margman Lumiere SLK Marelle Muru 103 84  - MR  -   
Saturain Quantum of Solace SSN Katrin Laaniste         DSQ  

Palju õnne tulemuse puhul ja suured tänud kõikidele abilistele!

Estonian German Shepherd's Championship 2019 on IPO-R RH-FL

German Shepherd's Championship 2019 in IPO-R RH-FL will be held on 02.-03.11.2019.

Information on the competition, participants and timetable can be found under this address:

Photo Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R RH-FL & F exams 01.-03.11.2019

Time: 01.-03.11.2019

Categories: IPO-R RH-FL V (area search pre-test), RH-F V (tracking pre-test), RH-F A & B (tracking)

Place: Jõgisoo, Saue Parish, Harju County

Judge: Monika Rusing, FCI (Estonia)

Main organizer: Aili Kivinurm, phone +372 53435115

Test organizer:  Estonian Search Dogs Club

Timetable and information

Friday, 01.11.2019

Saturday, 02.11.2019

Sunday, 03.11.2019

9.00 get together

9.30-11.30 V-tracks

12.00-13.00 A-tracks

14.00-15.30 obedience

16.00 end of the exam

9.00 get together

9.30-10.30 V-area

11.30-12.00 A-track

15.30-16.15 B-track

9.30 get together

10.00-11.30 obedience

12.00 end of the exam

Timetable with a list of participants and individual times is under this link! Same weekend a competition in RH-FL A & B classes will be held by Estonian German Shepherd Association. 

The organizer has a right to adapt the timetable by informing participants on-site.

Locations of the exam:

RH-F V & A-level on Friday: Jõgisoo village, Saue Parish, Harju County  (get together at obedience field).

RH-F A & B-level tracking meeting point on Saturday: Väänatammi road, Vääna village, Harku Parish, Harju County, map link

Obedience and dexterity: Jõgisoo village, Saue Parish, Harju County 

Map link of the obedience field:

Coordinates of the obedience field: 59°16'55.7"N 24°31'18.4"E

Area search V-level: Liikva village, Harku Parish, Harju County

Map link for the area search V-level:
Coordinates: 59°23'02.7"N 24°28'27.2"E                                                                                                               

Times for practice at the obedience field:

Friday, 01.11. at 12.30-13.30

Saturday, 02.11. at 14.30-16.30

It is not allowed to use food for motivation on the obstacles or grass surface! 

Vaccination requirements:

Vaccination requirements imposed on dogs for participation in events recognised by Estonian Kennel Union

We would like to remind you that each dog should have the veterinary passport, as well as work book with them. If the dog does not have the workbook yet it will be issued by organizer.

Kontakt ja info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Time:                                    06.-07.10.2018
Categories:                           IPO-R RH-F E, A and B (tracking)
                                             IPO-R RH-FL E, A and B (area search)
Place:                                   Harju/Rapla County , Estonia
Tracks:                                 Kernu
Area Search:                         Pihali
Obedience and dexterity field: Pihali

Judges:                                J.Ternovec (SI), K.Skulj (SI)
Organizers:                          Estonian Search Dogs Club (Eesti Otsingukoerte Klubi)
Head organizer:                   Marika Reinol

Test results can be found here under this link!


RH-FL B awarding

RH-FL A awarding

RH-FL E awarding

RH-F E awarding


National rescue dog IPO-R test RH-FL 01.07.2017 results


Time: 01.07.2017
Category: IPO-R RH-FL (area search)
Place: Raplamaa, Kohila Parish, Pihali Village
Judges: Monika Rusing (area search),
Margot Luukas (obedience and dexterity)

Photo by Mihkel Rikas


Dog Breed Dog handler A B Total Note Result
Saturain Quantum of Solace SRSZ Katrin Laaniste 93 87 180 VG RH-FL E
Stark Fassen Viktorija GSD Merike Võsu 142 75 217 S RH-FL A
Arabic z Pekla MAL Ingrid-Olga Verliin 170 85 255 G RH-FL A
Simba MIX Raina Jeeberg - DSQ - DSQ -
Siimline's Moonbow GR Reelika Kaasik 103 interrupted - interrupted -
Sculpadog Ahora Mismo MAL Teus Tijsseling 104 81 - UN -
Margman Nacre GSD Piret Koor 160 70 230 S RH-FL B
Margman Acapella GSD Piret Koor 176 83 259 G RH-FL B
Blaze Cobra MAL Liia Rikkinen 165 92 257 G RH-FL B

Result of the International IRO Testing Event in Finland

10-11th of June 2017 an International IRO Testing Event took place in Finland at Porvoo where our members Kris Hensoo and Ruppert achieved in area search RH-FL B result, 265 points and 4th place. The judge was Charlotte Kranz from Austria. Congratulations for such a great achievement!

Photo by Margot Luukas


IRO MRT Rubble Preparation in Helsinki 22.-24.05.2017

On 22-24 May 2017 IRO Module 2 MRT Rubble Preparation and veterinary training was held in Finland. The instructors of the module wered Steve Buckley (UK), Dušan Weber (SI), Ralf Gilles (DE) and veterinarian Nina Ambroz (SI). Module course was arranged by FRFK9 and practical work was carried out in the rubble fields of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa. There were 5 participants from Finland and 2 participants from Estonia. The picture gallery by FRFK9 can be found here.

Photo by Anu Haveri

Important note from FCI Rescue Dogs Commission

FCI Rescue Dogs Commission has updated  the list of FCI judges since 01.05.2017.The list contains the information on the national and international FCI judges and can be found here

FCI Rescue Dogs Commission has informed national kennel organizations that IRO accepts again IPO-R A-level results judged by national rescue dog judges!  

Therefore it is no longer mandatory to have IPO-R A level result judged solely by IRO or FCI international judge in order to enter to the IRO tests in IRO calendar plan, instead of that A-level can be done with national judge.  



IPO-R CH 2017 and IPO-R area search and tracking competitions in Pihali 29-30 April 2017 results


Time: 29.-30.04.2017
Categories: IPO-R RH-FL B Estonian Championships 2017 in area search
IPO-R RH-FL E, A (area search) and RH-F B (tracking)
Place: Raplamaa, Kohila Parish, Pihali Village
Judges: Danielle Richard (Belgium), Margot Luukas (Estonia) class RH-FL E
Organizer: Estonian Search Dogs Club
Head organizer: Jaanika Jundas

Estonian Championships in area search RH-FL B were organized in cooperation with Estonian Kennel Union Dog Training Unit. The dogs who competed for the title IPO-R Estonian Master 2017 had to be recorded in Estonian Dog Pedigree registry and have had a result in RH-FL A. First time it was allowed to participate for the dogs who were not EST-regitered, as well foreign dogs, but they were not allowed to be awarded with the title. 


IPO-R Estonian Championships 2017

Estonian IPO-R Masters in 2017 are dutch shepherd Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern and doghandler Margot Luukas!


Dog Breed Handler A  B Points Grade Result Place
Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern HLK Margot Luukas 170  91 261 H RH-FL B 1
Iines MIX Kirsi Myöhänen 180  70 250 H RH-FL B 2
Margman Niten SLK Piret Koor 167  80 247 H RH-FL B 3
Perfect Diamond Shadow Dog IVS Kris Heinsoo 145  74 219 R RH-FL B 4
Margman Acapella SLK Piret Koor 139  87   MR - -
Margman Nacre SLK Piret Koor 131  84   MR - -
Musanterin Qide ROT Rina Leo-Granström 136  70   MR - -


 IPO-R CH 2017 awarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

IPO-R national competitions

Dog Breed Handler A  B Points Grade Result Place
Blaze Cobra MAL Liia Rikkinen 200  92 292 V RH-F B 1
Margman Wildfire Wanda SLK Monika Rusing 110  79   MR    
Nafani Kraig BC Liubov Petrushina 187  90 277 VH RH-FL A 1
Icepeak Prider's Ranger BC Mari Tobias 160  92 252 H RH-FL A 2
Norbon Hill Bell Olive Nuare LAB Aili Kivinurm 175  75 250 H RH-FL A 3
Flatout Fabled SIL Virve Lipsanen 145  64   MR    
Simba MIX Raina Jeeberg 101  72   MR    
Stark Fassen Viktorija SLK Merike Võsu 96  74   MR    
Arabic Z Pekla MAL Ingrid-Olga Verliin 95  95 190 VH RH-FL E 1
Flutwelle Winky SLK Anni Renno 93  92 185 VH RH-FL E 2
Saturain Quantum Of Solace SSN Katrin Laaniste 90  53   MR    


 RH-F B tracking awarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

RH-FL A awarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

RH-FL E awarding - photo by Mihkel Rikas

Celebration cake - photo by Mihkel Rikas

After the closing ceremony and for the celebration of the International Search and Rescue Dog day a tasty cake was offered, made by Pagaripoisid!

Congratulations to all participants!

We thank very much our judges, organizers, figurants, track layers, group people with dogs and everybody else who helped us in organisation of this event!

Results of the National IPO-R test 12.11.2016


Time: 12.11.2016 at 9.00

Disciplines: IPO-R RH-FL E & A

Place: Raplamaa, Kohila Parish, Pihali Village

Judge: Walter Hoffmann (DE)

Organizing club: Eesti Otsingukoerte Klubi

Head organizer: Margot Luukas


Dog's name Breed Handler A B Points Note Result
Margman Acapella GSD Piret Koor 180 82 262 G RH-FL A
Margman Nacre GSD Reet Nipper 162 82 244 G RH-FL A
Fredi MIX Marika Reinol 143 64 - US -
Follies Funny Finn LAB Jaanika Jundas 140 57 - US -
Ariadna Pathfinder Sardogs BBS Anna Vinogradova 126 62 - US -
Norbon Hill Bell Olive Nuare LAB Aili Kivinurm 25 58 - US -
Sentikki Rix True Value ASH Iveta Pukite 90 91 181 VG RH-FL E
Estrellest Xarrety BBS Helen Kommussar 83 87 170 G RH-FL E

Many thanks to all participants, to our judge, helpers and organizers! Special thanks to Erki and Marelle!

Big thanks for the prizes to Royal Canin Eesti OÜ and Karjamõisa OÜ!

World Championships for Rescue Dogs in Turin, Italy

21-25 September 2016 an IRO World Championships for Rescue Dogs were held in Italy near Turin. 114 dog teams from 23 countries were competing in three disciplines: area search, rubble search and tracking. Two dog teams from Estonia started both in area search. Kadri Viljalo with dog Perri under start number 102 made great results in area search with 188 points (all three victims found) and 95 points in obedience and dexterity. Margot Luukas with dutch shepherd dog Roosi (Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern) under start number 108 got 91 points in area search (one located victim) and 96 points in obedience and dexterity. In total Kadri and Perri got in area search 283 points and note "very good" and high 5th place out of 48 teams! Our second team did not get result because they didn't find all victims in search part.

Congratulations to Kadri and Perri for such a great result in the World Championships of the Rescue Dogs! This is a very first time when a dog team from Estonia has got a positive result from Rescue Dog's WCH and high place in TOP5!


Opening ceremony of the WCH

Kadri & Perri - area search 5th place

All results can be found from the website of the competition - IRO WCH.

Results of the Int.IRO Testing Event 10-11.09.2016 in Läänemaa

10-11 September 2016 an International IRO Testing Event was held in tracking and area search at Linnamäe in Läänemaa. Test was arranged by Estonian Rescue Dog Union and the judge was Mrs Resi Gerritsen from Holland.

9 teams started from our club, 3 of them in tracking and 6 teams in area search. The results were following:

Dog's name Breed Handler A B Total Note Result
Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern HOLLS Margot Luukas 170 88 258 G RH-F A
Perri MIX Kadri Viljalo 165 96 261 G RH-F B
Margman Wildfire Wanda GSD Monika Rusing 20 78 - US -
Margman Acapella GSD Piret Koor 93 99 192 E RH-FL E
Margman Hexe GSD Ingrid Kõrgesaar-Lillmets 186 71 257 G RH-FL A
Sophie for Dolbia Sykstus LAB Marilis Saul 164 71 235 S RH-FL A
Fredi MIX Marika Reinol 15 81 - US -
Zottelbart von Hetzeldorf Conri SSN Liina Ulm - - - DSQ -
Perfect Diamond Shadow Dog IRW Kris Heinsoo 191 81 272 VG RH-FL B

Photos by Mihkel Rikas 

Congratulations for such a great results! Some more pictures can be seen here!