Estonian Search Dogs Club

IPO-R RH-FL & F exams 01.-03.11.2019

Time: 01.-03.11.2019

Categories: IPO-R RH-FL V (area search pre-test), RH-F V (tracking pre-test), RH-F A & B (tracking)

Place: Jõgisoo, Saue Parish, Harju County

Judge: Monika Rusing, FCI (Estonia)

Main organizer: Aili Kivinurm, phone +372 53435115

Test organizer:  Estonian Search Dogs Club

Timetable and information

Friday, 01.11.2019

Saturday, 02.11.2019

Sunday, 03.11.2019

9.00 get together

9.30-11.30 V-tracks

12.00-13.00 A-tracks

14.00-15.30 obedience

16.00 end of the exam

9.00 get together

9.30-10.30 V-area

11.30-12.00 A-track

15.30-16.15 B-track

9.30 get together

10.00-11.30 obedience

12.00 end of the exam

Timetable with a list of participants and individual times is under this link! Same weekend a competition in RH-FL A & B classes will be held by Estonian German Shepherd Association. 

The organizer has a right to adapt the timetable by informing participants on-site.

Locations of the exam:

RH-F V & A-level on Friday: Jõgisoo village, Saue Parish, Harju County  (get together at obedience field).

RH-F A & B-level tracking meeting point on Saturday: Väänatammi road, Vääna village, Harku Parish, Harju County, map link

Obedience and dexterity: Jõgisoo village, Saue Parish, Harju County 

Map link of the obedience field:

Coordinates of the obedience field: 59°16'55.7"N 24°31'18.4"E

Area search V-level: Liikva village, Harku Parish, Harju County

Map link for the area search V-level:
Coordinates: 59°23'02.7"N 24°28'27.2"E                                                                                                               

Times for practice at the obedience field:

Friday, 01.11. at 12.30-13.30

Saturday, 02.11. at 14.30-16.30

It is not allowed to use food for motivation on the obstacles or grass surface! 

Vaccination requirements:

Vaccination requirements imposed on dogs for participation in events recognised by Estonian Kennel Union

We would like to remind you that each dog should have the veterinary passport, as well as work book with them. If the dog does not have the workbook yet it will be issued by organizer.

Kontakt ja info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.